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If you would like to be tested spontaneously without an appointment, you can register here to receive a personal QR code. With this code you can visit the test center at any time to get tested without an appointment. You will then receive your test results directly by e-mail and can view them here. This will help you support the local test center team by avoiding paperwork and speeding up testing.

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Personal contribution to be paid for tests according to Paragraph 1 No. 6 and 7 of Section 4a of the TestV: 3.00 €

§ 4a Citizen Testing - (1) The following asymptomatic persons are entitled to be tested using PoC antigen tests: […] 6. Persons who, on the day the test is carried out, a) will attend an event indoors or b) will have contact with a person who aa) has reached the age of 60 or bb) has a high age due to a previous illness or disability has a risk of developing serious illness from COVID-19, 7. People who have received a warning with the status display increased risk from the Corona-Warn-App of the Robert Koch Institute,[…]

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Indoor / Walk-in Test Station

At this location, we offer indoor tests for walk-ins.

Corona-Warn-App Connection

The results of the rapid tests can be verified and stored directly in the Corona Warn app.


In 5 steps to the Corona test result

With the following simple steps, you can quickly reach a result in the test center, without a long waiting time on site.



With the simple online registration in advance, you can speed up check-in and processes at the test center. After registration, you will receive a QR code with which the test center can access your data. The top priority is that your data is secured in compliance with the data protection guidelines and used only for the purpose of testing and the test result.



Upon arrival at the test center, show your QR code and identity card (or passport) to the staff. Via the QR code, the data stored during registration can be called up contactlessly and taken over for the test certificate.


rapid test

Immediately afterwards, the Corona rapid tests can be carried out by the expert staff on site and forwarded for analysis.



The evaluation of the corona rapid test takes about 15 minutes. The result is transferred to our system and made available to you as soon as available.



By registering, you will receive your result conveniently by e-mail. Usually within 30 minutes of the visit to the test center. The result can be opened or scanned directly in the Corona warn app.

Die Gemeinschaftspraxis

Our test center is supported and controlled by licensed local doctors.