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The following are the steps required for registration.

Step one

We need your consent to our Privacy policy and our Terms of Use

Step two

Enter your contact details so we can send you the results of the tests.

Step three

We collect your personal data in order to be able to reach you and to be able to report the data in the event of a positive test.

Step four

We will send you an SMS to verify the mobile number.


Frequently Asked Questions

When do I delete my data?

Of course, the deletion of your personal data is possible at any time in your user account. As soon as the deletion has taken place, you will receive a confirmation. Please note that according to the reporting obligation for positive results as well as the billing with the health insurance companies, the deletion can only take place after four weeks.

What happens to my data stored during registration?

Your personal data is of the highest importance to us and the test centers and is therefore stored encrypted in compliance with the data protection guidelines. Only the test center, and if necessary the health authorities, get access to it.

Why is it mandatory to provide a telephone number when registering?

In the event of a positive test result, it is mandatory by the Federal Government that you can be contacted personally by telephone. To ensure this requirement, the telephone number is requested and verified upon registration.

Why is it mandatory to provide an e-mail address when registering?

To ensure that you have flexible access to your data and test results from anywhere, a free user account is created for you, into which you can log in using your e-mail address. In addition, the test center uses your e-mail address for contactless transmission of the test results, so that you do not have to wait for it at the test center.