Central location usually in the city center

Test execution by trained personnel

No waiting time – the test result is sent by e-mail


Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable are the Corona rapid tests?

The current rapid tests have a high reliability and thus offer a good indicator. However, a 100% exclusion of an infection is not possible even with a negative test. In case of doubt or in the case of already existing symptoms of the disease, however, the rapid test does not replace the PCR test.

Is there anything to consider before the corona rapid test?

For the most accurate result possible, you should not drink, smoke or brush your teeth about 30 minutes before the test. This may affect the test result.

When is a rapid corona test useful?

If you want to create security for yourself and your fellow human beings that you are not acutely infected with the corona virus. If you have already experienced symptoms such as cough, smell and/or taste disorders, fever or a general feeling of illness, please do not visit a test center, but contact your family doctor directly.

What happens if the corona rapid test is positive?

In the event of a positive corona rapid test, please quarantine yourself immediately, isolate yourself from other people and contact your family doctor. This will have a PCR test carried out by a laboratory to confirm the corona rapid test. According to § 8 in the .m § 7 (1) no. 44a infection protection law, the test center is obliged to report the positive result including your contact details to the responsible health authority.

When is testing at the test center not possible?

If you suffer from flu-like symptoms such as cough, fever, shortness of breath, smell or taste disorders or other cold symptoms, please do not visit a test center, but contact your family doctor directly.

Why is no PCR test offered at the test centers?

Through the PCR test, a direct detection of the corona virus is carried out with the help of a throat tapping. The tapping would theoretically also be feasible at the test center, but the evaluation of the samples is only possible in the laboratory. Therefore, the PCR tests are only ordered and carried out by a doctor in case of suspicion.